Wholesale & Nonprofit Tree Sales

Tree Variety at Farm #1

Farm #1

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Variety of Trees at Farm #3

Farm #3

We offer a variety of trees. 


* We grow primarily Douglas Fir intermixed with Grand Fir and White Fir. We also have a few areas of Sierra Redwood trees.

* Our trees range from 5 to 14 feet (a few exceed 14 feet).

* We prune for full, fat trees. In our experience, those are the most in demand.

Our process is personalized but simple.


* Call Robbie Criswell (the owner) at 408-354-8472. Robbie is usually working in the fields, especially in October and November, so leave a message if you get the answering machine. He will return your call as soon as possible.

* We will select the field based on tree availability and accessibility due to weather conditions.

* Our fields may be inspected by appointment if desired.

* We will select and cut the trees after you arrive. You will use our counter to tally the number of trees as they’re cut.

* With advance notice, we can arrange to haul the trees to your truck. We will work with you to load the trees onto your vehicle(s).

Call for current wholesale prices.


* Wholesale customers receive a discount for multi-tree orders. Call 408-354-8472 for current wholesale pricing.

* Payment is due at the time of tree cutting. We accept cash or a cashier’s check.

Schedule your cutting day.


* Wholesale cutting can be scheduled Tuesday through Thursday. We do no wholesale cutting on weekends.

Nonprofit donations of trees may be available. 


* Although we do not clear-cut any areas, we do thin specific fields each year. When that happens, we may donate a limited number of trees to nonprofit organizations.

* If you are a member of a nonprofit group, please call 408-354-8472 for availability and additional information.

Please be prepared to provide the following information when you call:


  • Name of your business or organization
  • Your nonprofit status
  • Your name and phone number
  • The number of trees needed
  • Your preferred day to inspect the fields (if applicable)
  • Your preferred day for cutting/transporting the trees
  • The type and number of vehicles you will provide for transporting the trees