How can we get updates about your farm?

During November and December, visit our Facebook page at We’ll update it as often as necessary, sometimes several times a day!

Do you have saws for us to use to cut the tree?

Yes, we have had saws available for cutting trees at no additional charge.

Is an ATM available at your location?

No, we do not have an ATM at any of our farms.

What’s the best way to cut my Christmas tree?

If the tree is cut so that the bottom whorls of branches (about five total) are left on the trunk, a new tree can grow on the base. Now, how nice is that!

How do I keep my tree fresh once I get it home?

Make a fresh cut on the bottom of the tree after you get it home. Use a stand that holds liquid and make sure there is always water in it. 

How are new trees grown at Black Road?

We plant up to 10,000 seedlings each year, and it takes approximately 7 years for each seedling to grow into a 6-foot tree.

Can we have a picnic at Black Road Christmas Tree Farms?

Sure you can! A picnic area is set up at Farm #3 for your enjoyment.

Do you have other Christmas supplies available?

You betcha! We sell freshly made wreaths and mistletoe.